Diet secrets, diet clean eating meal plans for beginners

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Diet secrets diet clean eating meal plans for beginners

Koreans prefer fish and vegetables and cook fried foods differently without eating them. So I eat less fat. Diet clean eating meal plans for beginners.
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Let’s pay attention to the hanik food which secret diet is hidden. In the West, attention is focused on how Korean women are so thin. Of course, there are genetic factors, but there is no doubt that food has had a big impact.

Western foods have a lot of influence on Oriental food culture, but in places such as Japan and Korea, there are not many people who eat healthy food because they eat it.

In fact, Koreans have a longer average life expectancy and lower rates of obesity than other developed countries. What sort of secret is this healthy? This article introduces the diet of Korean people who are particularly good at diet.

Korean diet with secret diet secret

People around the world are paying attention to the Korean diet because Korean people eat it in style and there is a weight loss effect. However, it should not be mistaken for the miracle diet method.

Diet diets quickly seeing the effect are at a high risk of malnutrition. So, before you start your diet, you should get advice from a nutritionist to make sure you are eating for your age, health, and weight.

Eating healthy and balanced foods should be a diet trick. Now, let’s learn about good Korean food. Here are diet clean eating meal plans for beginners

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Eat a lot of vegetables

The basics of Korean food are fresh vegetables and rice. The following foods are low in calories and enter almost all Korean dishes.

  • potato
  • mushroom
  • Crucifix vegetables and green vegetables
  • tomato
  • carrot

Eat less meat

In the West, it is mainly meat, but in Korea, it is only a secondary food. Here is the reason to eat less fat than in other countries.

Instead of meat, Omega 3 and protein-rich fish and seafood eat a lot.
When cooking meat, it is usually baked, which is a way to minimize fat.

Eating spicy soup

It is easy to make soup or soup with a fat-burning effect. The country can not be excluded from the diet of Koreans. It is easy to make with various materials.

Korean cuisine has a lot of spicy things to promote metabolism so that you can burn calories more easily

Drink herbal tea

Drinking herbal tea is one of the secrets that Koreans do not get too tired.
Koreans usually drink tea with fat burning ingredients such as green tea and barley tea.

Such tea has the effect of improving the body’s cleansing, which also helps diet.

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Traditional food, eating kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional food that can never be missed in the Korean people’s meal. Contains vitamins, minerals and probiotics and is considered the healthiest food in the world.

Kimchi is fermented with salt, garlic, ginger, sauce, and red pepper powder in cabbage.

This spicy food never falls out of the Korean diet. Satisfaction is high and calorie is low.

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Eat less refined flour

Koreans eat healthy foods more often than fruits or wholegrain instead of bread or refined flour.

How to cook

In addition to eating habits such as eating low-calorie foods and eating healthy foods, it is also necessary to pay attention to Korean-style recipes. Korean food is cooked in such a way as to maintain the nutritional value of food as much as possible.

Korean style recipes usually bake or boil instead of frying food.

Drink lots of water

Koreans not only drink herbal tea but also drink lots of water. Drinking lots of water when talking about balanced meals can not be missed.

Do not you want to follow the secrets of Korean food? Try to keep a strict diet from the beginning or eat a balanced diet instead of trying to eat too little.

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