The world’s Top 10 healthy foods

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Salmon, sardines, mackerel and other fish rich in good fat are considered good food for the heart. Studies have shown that omega-3. Here are the world’s top 10 healthy foods

Salmon, sardines, mackerel and other fish rich in good fat are considered good food for the heart. Studies have shown that omega-3. Here are the world's top 10 healthy foods

Tomato A

variety of vitamins and minerals are abundant, making skin smooth and elastic. Lycopene, a red colouring ingredient in tomatoes, is a potent anticancer ingredient that plays an important role in eliminating active oxygen and strengthening the pancreas. Vitamin C is also abundant, which increases resistance to colds and stress. It is known that tomatoes are more nutritious than normal tomatoes. (top 10 healthy foods)
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Spinach contains a large amount of folic acid is a favourite component of the fetus is effective in promoting growth and development of the fetus. There is plenty of iron and calcium, so growth is good for young and women. It is good for diet because a calorie is low enough to be only about 40cal of a dish rich in fibre and poached spinach herb.
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Vegetable fats and vitamins are abundant, so it is very beneficial to protect the winter skin and to make the nutritionally fragile winter diet. Vitamin E helps collagen production and makes skin beautiful. Two or three times a week during the fire, 20 peanuts to eat more noticeable effect appears. It is ‘eating cosmetics’.
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Broccoli (or cabbage)

Contains elements such as sulopaladone, persimmon, breast, colon, and stomach cancer is suppressed. It is a diet food that suppresses appetite because it is rich in fibre and beta carotene.
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Oats (or barley)

Beta Glucan Water-soluble dietary fibre makes you feel full and releases harmful cholesterol. There is also strong anti-cancer and anti-viral effect.
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Alicia and Scorpion are powerful antimicrobial substances that prevent food poisoning and virus infiltration. Prevent heart disease by facilitating blood circulation.
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Green tea

Green tea polyphenol prevents the penetration of carcinogens and the uniquely pungent taste makes the gastrointestinal motility. The incidence of stomach cancer is significantly lower in Asia. Where a lot of green tea is consumed.
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Red Pepper

The purple pigment has anti-cancer effects. The tannin component of the wine is beneficial to the body by activating cholesterol to prevent arteriosclerosis.
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Salmon (or mackerel)

Omega-3 fatty acids have an excellent effect in lowering cholesterol and preventing arthritis. Especially in mackerel, Omega 3 fatty acid (aka DHA) is double the salmon! This ingredient enhances memory and learning abilities and prevents senile dementia.
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Blueberry (or eggplant)

Purple anthocyanidins prevent heart disease and kill viruses and germs. The purple colour of the branches also has the same effect.
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