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If at intervals the net supply the likelihood for the input of private or business information (email addresses, names, addresses) exists, the surrender of that information on the part of the user on associate degree expressly voluntary basis. the employment and payment of all offered services square measure – as so much as technically attainable and cheap – additionally while not specification of such information or below specification of anonymized information or an anonym allowed. the employment of the contact information printed within the imprint or comparable data like communication addresses, telephone, and fax numbers still as email addresses by third parties for the transmission of not expressly requested data isn’t permissible. proceeding against the senders of alleged spam emails just in case of violations of this prohibition are expressly reserved.

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The author endeavors to look at the copyrights of the pictures, graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts utilized in all publications, to use pictures, graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts created by himself or to resort to license-free graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts , All whole names and emblems mentioned at intervals the net supply and probably protected by third parties square measure subject while not restriction to the provisions of the severally valid trademark law and also the possession rights of the several registered homeowners. simply because of the mere mention isn’t to conclude that emblems don’t seem to be protected properly of third parties! The copyright for print, created by the author objects remains exclusively with the author of the pages.