What food label nutrition facts?

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What food label nutrition facts do not tell you about your intestinal microorganisms?

What nutrients help microbes that breed in your intestines?

It appears that new studies have been published that link bacteria to a specific disease or condition throughout the day. The charm of our research is that different groups may ultimately be able to provide personalized recommendations for certain foods they eat to move the bacteria in a direction to improve their health. ( nutrition facts )

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Understand How does individual food change bacteria? People living in the human gut, collectively known as the microbial dome, need to know the fine composition of each food we eat. However. The data is not available on food labels. Or in current nutritional databases.

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The lack of these details has limited the understanding of human-specific microbial relationships to date. As a registered dietitian and nutrition scientist, I have long been interested in food and human health. When I joined the lab. I was interested in learning how microbes could be predicted by how foods would change if they simply collected enough daily data from those who ate a normal diet.

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In a recent study, a study group published in “Cell Host & Microbe” studied the effects of food on microorganisms. We recruited 34 volunteers, recorded everything we ate for 17 days, and asked to provide a daily stool sample. By analyzing the microbial DNA in the stool sample, we were able to identify which microorganism constitutes the microorganism.

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We have found that micronutrients. And macronutrients such as those commonly found in food labels such as fats. Carbohydrates and sodium have not helped to understand microbial communities or how they change. everyday.

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However. Given the particular food we eat. We were able to link the dietary intake of their subjects to their microbial composition. We believe that this method worked. This method allowed us to use the concept of food. To capture the complexity of compounds Inside foods. Which is not generally listed on food labels.

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It is noteworthy that we have a very personalized effect on food. Microorganisms of the same species react differently. Than similar foods of others. ( nutrition facts )

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We hope that you will be able to make sure that certain foods will change your microbes in the near future. Overall, microbial science cannot be confident. Recent research contributes to long-term goals.

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