What are the 3 types of nutrition?

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Understanding food balance is one of the most important things that the food pyramid focuses on. Which means a diverse and balanced diet containing all food groups. The advice from nutrition experts is that the diet should contain food from all groups and colours every day. After the past 10 years, the term “food pyramid” has been popularized by the US Department of Agriculture. Becoming a nutrition icon popular around the world.

The simplest way to choose food in a healthy. And the balanced way is to feed in accordance with the nutritional pyramid developed by nutrition experts. It is about determining the types and quantities of food from the base of the pyramid to its peak. The rule includes foods that should be taken care of in abundance. The top of the pyramid foods should be minimized.


The food pyramid consists of six groups:

Rice, pasta, fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, milk and dairy products, cheese, milk, milk, fat, oils and sweets. It is easy for him to choose his daily diet according to the ideal nutrition system. And the use of the food pyramid system helps to reduce the level of cholesterol. And lose weight or maintain ideal body weight.
In 1992, the US Department of Agriculture redistributed and hierarchically organized food groups, called “hierarchical division of foods. The food pyramid gives the amount and types of substances the body needs daily. The food pyramid consists of graded food groups. Every person has to commit to building his body and to enjoy good health. He refers to the daily healthy diet.

It was agreed to arrange those groups according to the degree to which the body needed them.

The top of the pyramid:

(fat, oil and sweets), which represents the small part of the pyramid fat, oils and sweets. This group includes oils, butter, cream, margarine, sugars and sweets. And also includes some types of spices high in fat. And nutritionists advise eating the foods of this group moderately and in a few quantities. For its high heat, and low nutritional benefits.

The second group: Dairy

Contains foods made of milk, milk and cheese, a rich source of calcium.

The third group: Protein

Contains meat, poultry, fish, dried beans and eggs. The two groups are mostly animal sources and are an important source of protein, calcium, iron and zinc.

Group 4: Vegetables

Where this group contains vegetarian foods. And most people need to eat more of this group to supply the body needs vitamins, minerals and fibre.

The base of the pyramid:

Includes bread, cereals, rice and pasta:
Foods that are at the base of the food pyramid, mostly consisting of grains. And this group provides us with fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

The food pyramid is important. In determining the ideal ratio that should be consumed by the individual in each food group. These ratios are used as a general guide for other types of food. Hence it can be said that the gradients of this pyramid can be used to suit the different age groups. Children, adults or adults Age, male or female sex, or quality of work is simple. Hard or physiologically adolescent, adult or pregnant.

New pyramid recommendations ยป

The food pyramid is defined as an ideal food. Aid to planning meals in the light of understanding the body’s nutritional needs. Carbohydrates represent the base of the pyramid. Which means that we should eat more grains and bread in our food. As well as vegetables and fruits, and less milk and meat. As much as possible to eat added fat.

The food pyramid is an integral guide to the formation of meals in the appropriate quantities from each of the five major food groups. WHO nutrition experts confirm that each of these five groups provides the body with some and not all nutrients, meaning the importance of containing the meal to all groups In addition to clarifying the pyramid for the number of correct portions of each group of major food groups depending on the number of calories the body needs and which vary from person to person according to body weight and activity quality.

What food label nutrition facts?

Nutrition experts report a number of key recommendations related to the new food pyramid. Eating fish twice a week can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which supply the body with essential fats. Increased intake of complex carbohydrates between 45% and 65% of the total calories consumed. Food rich in dietary fibre has shown a range of beneficial effects, including reduced risk of diabetes and gastrointestinal integrity.

Minimize the consumption of white sugar, white flour, and white salt. White flour and sugar contain large amounts of useless calories. While salt stores water in the body and thus increases weight.
Attention to the safety of food and avoid food contaminated with harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins and chemical pollutants. Which disrupts the digestive system, diarrhoea, fever and nausea. And replaces it by eating organic foods free of any pesticides.

Participate in regular physical activity to reduce chronic inactivity. And fatigue of the body due to immobility and physical activity. Experts are also recommended to reduce the risk of chronic disease in adulthood. By participating in moderate-intensity physical activities for 30 minutes a day. Other than normal home or work activities most of the week.

The privacy of the Gulf food pyramid.

On the new dietary guidelines of nutrition experts and the extent to which they are compatible with Gulf realities. Dr Abdulrahman Musaykar, president of the Arab Center for Nutrition in Bahrain. Emphasizes the differences between cultures, lifestyles and nutrition among the West.

In his old and modern form as an example. He pointed out that it is designed for Americans according to their needs and lifestyles. And urged Gulf people to try to devise a special division of their communities for food groups. Not a pyramid shape.

To motivate researchers, Dr Al-Misiqar presented the experiences of other countries in this field. Such as Mexico, India, China and others, which have developed divisions that correspond to the nutritional needs of their communities. And what is available in their data and do not follow the American model or pyramid.

What food label nutrition facts?

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