Nutrition Facts. What is the most unhealthy fruit?

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Nutrition Facts What is the most unhealthy fruit

Fruits are good for the body? It is healthy to eat fruit also smartly!
What kind of common sense do you come up with for fruit? It is rich in Vitamin C, which is good to prevent colds. It is good for our health such as tangerine and lemon. Nutrition Facts

Then, on the contrary, what harmful fruits? Do you have any such fruit? I think it will come back to my question. Today, we will introduce the common sense, the clever fruit-eating method that breaks the common sense of our fruits.

Fruits to avoid when you diet

Often you may think that fruits are good when you diet, but there are surprisingly high calories and fruits that grow in sugar.
Mangoes and pineapples, which are loved first by their sweetness, are high in sugar content and may be high in calories compared to other fruits. Actually, mango is 68kcal at 100g and is 1.5 times higher than mandarin 39kal. Particularly in the case of pineapple, it is often eaten with meat and roasted in a pan or fried. When the cooking process is completed, fruit with less moisture becomes higher in sugar and higher in calories.
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Dried fruits without water, like in the case of pineapples, need to be careful when dieting. Once the moisture in the fruit has fallen to 85-90%, the remaining fat, protein and sugar remain. Eating fruit is like eating more calories even with a small amount. Especially raisins are 274kcal, which is about eight times higher than ordinary grapes 60kcal. If the banana is well known as a diet fruit here, it increases to 500kcal per 100g.

Sweet potato is a food that gives a reverse to diet. It is considered to be the best diet food because it is full of the feeling of fullness and various vitamins and nutrients. However, if you beat this sweet potato, the same amount will be higher than calorie 50 by the same amount. It is surprising that calories are different depending on how you cook the same fruit. You may have more weight than your diet if you only take common sense.
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During pregnancy, take the appropriate amount of ‘daily’

Fruits are essential foods for pregnant women and fetuses. It is no exaggeration to say that fruits are natural health supplements for pregnant women who can not take medication. During pregnancy with low immunity, not only do the vitamins increase vitality but also relieves fatigue and helps the fetal brain health.

However, there is something to remember from the fruit intake during pregnancy. I’m just getting it right. Excessive sugar intake can cause gestational diabetes or fetal obesity, so be very careful.

The optimal daily intake of fruit during pregnancy is 1/3 watermelon. Sculpture, 5 grapes, 1 pineapple, 5 strawberries, 1/2 kiwi. There is also a way to eat fruit according to the time of pregnancy. Early on, folic acid is important, so it’s best to eat folic acid-rich melon, strawberries, tomatoes, and oranges. During the midst of pregnancy, it is advisable to take good fruit for constipation caused by taking an iron powder. Typical fruits are apple, bananas, and other fibre-rich fruits.
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At the end of the last period of development of the brain of the fetus is not a high calorie, nutrients are recommended to eat rich fruits. The most nutritious of the world’s fruits, avocados contain 11 different vitamins and are effective in nutrition.

I thought ‘fruit is okay’ in appetite overflowing during pregnancy … … You will see how dangerous common sense is. Remember how to eat smart fruits for both the baby and the mother.

Kidney Disease Potassium High Fruit Danger

In addition to avoiding and controlling, there are also direct health-threatening fruits. Kidney disease patients have problems with their excretion ability, so we should pay particular attention to potassium-rich fruits.

If you eat lots of potassium, you can get high potassium levels in your blood plasma and cause hyperkalemia. If you have hyperkalemia, your muscles become weaker, your legs become heavy and your hands and feet go down. This can also be dangerous because of heart arrhythmias.
If you are on hemodialysis, eating only fruits can cause heart failure, sensory disturbances, and respiratory insufficiency. Typical high-potassium fruits include melon and watermelon.
Nutrition Facts

Good fruit on your body? You need to eat fruits that fit your body.

The fruit is a common sense that everyone’s health is always healthy, so even a little sense of betrayal is coming. In fact, when I look back, I just know where I am, and I have not even thought about the premise that the fruit is not good for my health. Like all food, I think it is the same with all the other fruits. It is not a good fruit to your body, but it can be a healthy fruit when you smartly take the right amount of fruit to your body.
Nutrition Facts

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