Walking for weight loss

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Walking for weight loss Losing weight requires a lot of effort and changes in lifestyle

Losing weight requires a lot of effort and changes in lifestyle, so it’s not as easy as you might think. Today I will introduce some recommended exercises to lose weight. (walking for weight loss )

Can you lose belly fat by walking?

More and more people around the world are exercising for beauty. If you look closely at the inside, health is always at the center. However, losing weight is a lot easier than you might think because it takes a lot of effort and changes in your lifestyle. This is why many people are looking for simple and effective alternatives. Today I will introduce some recommended exercises to lose weight.

Can you lose weight just by walking?

Recommended Exercises for Weight Loss

Cardiovascular exercise

Experts recommend doing aerobic exercise to lose weight. The fortress is easy to find, including the famous new aerobic exercise, including the Zumba. Broadly speaking, exercise to reduce fat between muscles using breathing and fat burning is called aerobic exercise. This includes swimming, walking, running, dancing and jogging.

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This type of exercise offers not only weight loss but also other benefits. Lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, increase your lung capacity and allow you to breathe more oxygen. In addition, the tissue becomes firm.

Can I lose weight by walking 1 hour a day?

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Swim Recommended for Weight Loss

Swimming is one of the most useful exercises for weight loss. Because swimming is a tremendous exercise in many parts of the body. Of course, you don’t have to swim for a very long time. If you want to lose weight three times a week is enough.

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Sports can be a good alternative to losing weight. If we enjoy sports, our body burns a lot of fat. In particular, choose a sport that keeps your body moving. From this point of view, soccer, volleyball, and basketball are suitable.

Timetable in the fitness center

You can get good results by using the GX provided by the fitness center. Choose from several classes to burn fat and lose weight. For example, a zoom bar, spinning.

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Dancing is a very effective way to lose weight. It burns faster than you think. So dancing steadily three times a week will definitely help you lose weight.

Recommended workouts for weight loss, walking

Many experts highly recommend walking. Exercises like walking may seem simple, but there are many health benefits. Try to walk for at least 35 minutes a day.


Cycling can be a good idea for losing weight. You can also have a good time biking outside with family and friends. You can also cycle in a fitness center or at home.

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As the weather gets warmer, there are a lot of people who start walking to control their weight.

Walking is a safe exercise because it uses your whole body and your weight.
There are many advantages in terms of time and place as well as economic aspects.

You can take care of your health while enjoying the nature in spring, which is good for outdoor activities like now.

You can enjoy the effect of two stones of walking diet.

If you do aerobic exercise, such as walking, about 10 minutes after the start of the exercise, your muscles will begin to supply oxygen, and after 15 minutes or more, your fat will break down and begin to be used as an energy source.

Therefore, walking exercise that can last longer with low intensity rather than hard exercise is advantageous for fat burning.

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Occasionally, you may try to lose weight by running harder than walking, but running is easy to get tired as fast as it burns calories. It is a good idea to choose the right diet for your walking diet.

It’s best to keep your stride length and speed faster than you normally walk. Keep your head, shoulders, buttocks, and feet straight, and keep your feet in contact with the ground in order from the heel to the soles of your feet.

Walking to lose weight should be done at least 30 minutes at a time, or at least 5 times per week. In the early stages of body fat loss is slow, so it is important to be patient and consistent.

One important point here !! Ignoring one’s physical condition and walking alone for an hour or more will not be able to exercise the muscles and the diet will be halved. If you feel sleepy, tired, and hungry after 1 hour of walking exercise, your body will be overwhelming.

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