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You have just registered in the fitness center to steel your body and build up as much muscle mass as possible? Or have you been training for a few months, but you have barely built up any muscles? Then you should definitely read our article because we have summarized for you the most common mistakes that can block or slow down your muscle growth. (Muscle Building Workouts)

You eat too little (calorie deficit)

Your body needs enough energy to build muscle  , which is measured in calories . You can train so hard and often if you do not supply enough calories to your body, your body can not repair the muscle fibers damaged by training, so do not build muscle mass.

 You eat too little (calorie deficit)

But that does not mean that you should constantly stew pizzas and fast food. Especially if you want to build lean muscle mass as much as possible, you should pay attention to the distribution of macronutrients and to value good energy sources, to which the pizza definitely does not belong. In addition, you should reach a small calorie surplus. It is recommended to be at about 300-500kcal excess. If your calorie intake is too high, and your intake of sugar is too high, your body fat percentage (KFA) will increase significantly in relation to your muscle mass. (Muscle Building Workouts)

You do not take enough protein to you

Our muscles consist of about 80% water and 20% protein. So if you want to build muscle or maintain it, then it is essential to have enough protein intake. (Muscle Building Workouts)

muscle gain supplements

If your goal is to build muscle mass, then you should get daily about 2-2.5g of protein per kg of body weightHowever, if you only want to do a little bit for your fitness then you will need less (about 1.5g per kg of body weight).

Since our body can not store the absorbed protein for long (unlike fat), it is necessary to cover your daily protein needs spread over several regular meals. For example, strength athletes and bodybuilders consume protein every 3 hours in the form of a meal or protein shake. Covering your entire needs with only one or two meals makes no sense and is not effective.

It has a particularly positive effect on your muscle growth if you access as many different sources of protein as each protein consists of different amino acids. Good sources of protein include chicken, lean beef, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, whey protein shakes, …

Lack of basic exercises in your training plan

Lack of basic exercises in your training plan

Basic exercises are exercises in strength training in which several muscles and joints are claimed simultaneously. Several parts of the whole body are trained with just one exercise. The basic exercises include deadlifts, squats, chin-ups, bench presses, and shoulder presses. (Muscle Building Workouts)

By using several muscles at the same time, the human growth hormone (HGH) is increasingly released, which positively benefits muscle growth. In addition, the heart rate is increased and the fat burning boosted. Basic exercises are therefore the basis for any sound muscle building workout plan.  Training beginners can already with a (whole body) training plan consisting only of the 5 basic exercises, achieve very good results and build muscle mass.

Too little training intensity

Training intensity plays an enormous role in muscle building. Too low intensity is a particularly common mistake and can lead to a lack of or little success in terms of building muscle mass. Especially women train conscientiously with a good execution/technique, but shy to go to their limits during training.

Too little training intensity

But what does training mean with the greatest possible training intensity? It means to muscle failure to train to create the bicep workouts even with very low weights no more biceps curl, to be able to go after the leg training hardly and its empty energy tank completely. If you know you’ve done a few repetitions, then you just have not finished your training! You should never be satisfied with your level of training and always try to improve yourself. Each workout should be more intense and harder than the last one.

Not only your body is crucial for high training intensity, but it is also a mental burden. You should be focused on training during the training and always on the workout. Muscle building and hard training are also a matter of the mind. Too often, the man sets boundaries in his head and fails only because of this.

“The last three or four repetitions make the muscle grow. This painful area separates the winner from someone who is not a winner. That’s missing most people. They do not have the courage to go on and say that they will endure the pain no matter what happens. “(Quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger)

No new muscle stimuli

No new muscle stimuli

During training, tiny cracks develop in the muscle fibers, which are repaired by the body in the regeneration phase and adapted to future loads. The muscle gains volume. By adapting the muscle tissue to a specific load, you need to continually rejuvenate your muscles and “shock” your muscles to continually build muscle. Whoever completes the same, monotonous training with the same weights, will build little to no muscle mass.

There are various ways to set new muscle stimuli

  • Regular increase in weight during individual exercises
  • Vary with the repetition numbers
  • Exchange new exercises / individual isolation exercises regularly with others
  • Slight changes in the execution of exercises (eg lower grip instead of upper grip)
  • Use special training methods from time to time (eg Giant phrases, MTUT, HIT, …)

Too little regeneration

Too little regeneration

Regeneration plays an important role in building muscle mass and is underestimated by many athletes, especially over-motivated beginners. As already mentioned, the muscle grows and recovers during the regeneration phase.  Most of the rest to regenerate your body finds when sleepingSo to be wide” you should sleep well. 8 hours a day are recommended.

Various research has shown that the muscles, depending on their size, require at least 48 hours to regenerate It is therefore counterproductive to be completely overzealous daily exercising his biceps. Make your exercise plan so that each muscle group gets enough regeneration time. (Muscle Building Workouts)

Too high weights with poor exercise performance

Too high weights with poor exercise performance

Especially the male gender tends to train for their own ego. Many young athletes want to show in the studio how strong they are, either to other, training types or often to the pretty girl on the training device opposite. But most of them suffer from the technique and execution of the exercise.

With a wrong/bad technique the training intensity is lost, for example: with biceps curls, one tends to quickly help with the back or move the elbows. The biceps will be relieved and trained less intensively.

In addition, the risk of injury increases with bad execution. It can come to a variety of injuries, which require a longer break in training. Not only do you lose time in which you could build muscle, but you may also lose some.

No leg training (you skip leg-day)

No leg training (you skip leg-day)

The leg workout, especially squats, is probably the most hated workout ever. However, it is not only important for perfect optics or symmetry, but it can also influence the development of other muscle groups.

The body spews to build muscle while training growth hormones, the larger the trained muscle, the more hormones are released. If the legs are not trained, you “give away” valuable growth hormones, which can better grow the entire muscular system (leg and back muscles are the largest muscles, by the way).

In addition, well-trained legs bring you a few kilos more on the scales. The omission of leg training is, therefore, a big but unfortunately common mistake!

Too long training sessions

Individual training sessions should not take too long. Experts recommend max. 1 hour, as already after 40 minutes, the testosterone level drops and the body increasingly releases the muscle-degrading stress hormone ” cortisol “. This is the strongest “antagonist” of testosterone. It deprives our muscles of the proteins, so it works muscle-degrading! If you train properly and strain your muscles, you will be able to cope well with the recommended 60 minutes.

Impatience and unrealistic goals

Impatience and unrealistic goals

As a beginner, you will often find pictures and videos of the most incredible body transformations, fitness athletes and extremely bulky bodybuilders on the internet. Everyone wants to look as fast as possible, if not instant, like them. But to get your dream body it takes a lot of time, hard training, proper nutrition, and sufficient regeneration. If it were that easy, every second person would have a six-pack, big arms, and broad shoulders.

With impatience and unrealistic goals, your motivation for training is quickly lost. New muscle stimuli stay away from the lax unmotivated workout and thus also your muscle growth. Set yourself, again and again, new tangible realistic goals,  because achieving this will motivate you to continue and always stay on the ball.


Muscle building depends on your training, your diet, and regeneration. In order to build up as much muscle and get the most out of your body, you should give the same importance to all three points and avoid the above-mentioned errors. It also needs some patience and mental attitude.

Rome was not built within one day either. Work hard on you and you will see results!

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