More muscle with lecithin? (supplements)

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No supplement has been hyped so much in recent weeks

More muscle with lecithin?
No supplement has been hyped so much. But it’s critically. Like lecithin. According to the latest study and known strength athletes. To bring even faster muscle. Gains at the same training intensity. But what is lecithin? What effect and advantages do athletes actually bring us? You will find out more about this and more in our article:

What is lecithin?

Lecithin is a dietary supplement. It was discovered in the 18th century. Until a few weeks ago, most athletes were still rather unknown or simply totally underrated.

In very simple terms, lecithin is the generic term for a group of fat-like substances. It consists of glycerol, phosphoric acid (= phosphatidic acid), choline and two fatty acids. Originally it was advertised as a “nerve amplifier”. And as a remedy for age-related forgetfulness. According to the latest studies. It used by many athletes as a means for faster muscle growth and regeneration.

Availability and intake of lecithin

The primary source of lecithin is soybean. But it also occurs in other animal and plant foods such as eggs, fish, nuts, legumes, yeast, seeds of sunflowers and oilseed rape.

As a rule. Lecithin is sufficiently absorbed by the diet. However, those who would like to take advantage of the benefits of lecithin and often put a heavy strain on their body, for example through strength training, should supplement it in the form of dietary supplements.

lecithin is sufficiently absorbed by the diet

Lecithin is available in the form of pills, ampoules, and powders in every well-stocked drugstore. For example, at “DM – drugstore market” you get the powdered lecithin granules, with 300g for scarce 6 euros.

The recommended daily dose for adults is 14 grams.  As a rule. This dose is taken at once. Directly after getting up. However, to take advantage of the positive effects in terms of muscle growth and cortisol levels, one should rather take two equally large doses (7g) each morning and immediately before training.

Benefits of lecithin

According to research, lecithin has some health benefits or advantages for us:

  • Increases the performance of the brain. For example. In medicine in Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Reduces mental and emotional stress.
  • Can significantly reduce cortisol levels during intensive strength training. Of course, this positively benefits muscle growth and also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Lecithin plays an important role in the detoxification of our liver.
  • Soybean lecithin contains omega-6 fatty acid.
  • Faster build-up and regeneration of the muscles.

Building muscle with lecithin


As already mentioned, lecithin should provide for better hypertrophy (muscle building). The reason for contained phosphatidic acid. Which is known to interact with proteins? And according to recent studies. Can also activate the protein ” mTor “ via a so-called anabolic pathway.

mTOR stands for “mammalian target of rapamycin”. It’s a special protein in our body that controls the process of protein uptake in our muscles. In simple terms, you can also call it a cellular switch for muscle growth. For the start of protein synthesis and the associated hypertrophy of the muscles, the protein mTOR is responsible.

During weight training, the loaded muscle fibers give a signal for the release of phosphatidic acid in the muscle cells. This increase activates via the anabolic signal path mTor and it comes to protein synthesis, ie muscle growth and the restoration of damaged muscle cells.

Lecithin can. Therefore. Decide whether and how strongly mTor is activated. In addition to intensive training and the right diet, you can thus optimize the intake of lecithin your muscle.

Study by Jordan M. Joy (2014)

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Scientist Jordan M. Joy has researched in 2014 in a study examining the effects of taking phosphatidic acid on muscle growth. The original title of the study is “Phosphatidic acid enhances mTOR signaling and resistance exercise-induced hypertrophy”.

In this study, there were two groups: one taking phosphatidic acid and one placebo group. Both groups were athletes with training experience and almost equal conditions (weight: 77 ± 7kg, size: 176 ± 9cm).

The results regarding muscle and strength gains of the phosphatidic acid group were much more pronounced than those of the placebo group:

  • higher muscle cross section : approx. 0,5cm²
  •  Increase in pure muscle mass: approx. 1.2kg
  • Degradation of fat mass: approx. 0.5kg
  • Force development leg press 1RM: approx. + 32kg
  • Force development bench press 1RM: approx. + 7kg vs.. + 5kg

(By the way, 1RM stands for “1-repetition maximum”, ie 1 repetition with maximum weight.)

The original study can be found here: About the study


Whether you believe in athlete’s studies and experiences regarding lecithin. And improved muscle growth is up to you. We think that it is worth trying lecithin, especially since it also has other benefits and is very cheap to acquire.

Have you had any experience with lecithin?

Then please write us your feedback on this supplement!

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